[cacti-announce] Cacti 0.8.6j Released (fwd)

Paul Vixie vixie at vix.com
Wed Jan 24 20:05:24 UTC 2007

jeroen at unfix.org (Jeroen Massar) writes:

> > ..., $5M over three years?  spread out over 50 network owners that's
> > $3K a month.  i don't see that happening in a consolidation cycle like
> > this one, but hope springs eternal.  "give randy and hank the money,
> > they'll take care of this for us once and for all."
> Heh, for that kind of money you can even convince me to do it ;)

glibly said, sir.  but i disasterously underestimated the amount of time
and money it would take to build BIND9.  since i'm talking about a scalable
pluggable portable F/L/OSS framework that would serve disparite interests
and talk to devices that will never go to an snmp connectathon, i'm trying
to set a realistic goal.  anyone who want to convince me that it can be done
for less than what i'm saying will have to first show me their credentials,
second convince david conrad and jerry scharf.  (after that, i'm all ears.)
Paul Vixie

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