[cacti-announce] Cacti 0.8.6j Released (fwd)

Ray Burkholder ray at oneunified.net
Wed Jan 24 19:46:09 UTC 2007

> Maybe this is overly naïve, but what about the ability to 
> auto-magically import and search various vendor SNMP/WMI 
> MIBs?  I can think of 3 open source NMS that do a good job if 
> you set up all 3 to monitor the network, but they all overlap 
> and none of them really do a good job.

 Importing and searching MIBs is an interesting idea.  However, for some
mibs, like Cisco's Qos and Dial-Peer mibs, sometimes wrapper code has to be
used to ferret out the appropriate groupings to use as logical entities for

WMI requires Windows Authentication, and if one is running Linux tools,
there are issues.  I havn't come a cross an easy way to get to WMI from
Linux yet.  Anyone have any suggestions? 

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