DNS Query Question

Dennis Dayman dennis at thenose.net
Wed Jan 24 13:25:27 UTC 2007

Stephen Satchell wrote:
> Is your customer using BIND?

They are using their co-lo's so I am unsure

> What do the statistics tell you?

This is a dumb user that I'm dealing with. No experience.

Router to them means a police officer.

>  How many DNS servers are handling the traffic?

two (2)

> Are they load-balanced?

unsure. they are on different sub nets

> Has the 
> DNS servers been upgraded to handle more traffic?  Does the customer 
> segregate their authoritative servers from their recursive ones?  (That 
> one change right there improved my DNS reliability and servicability by 
> several orders of magnitude!)

they don't own the servers. if they did I could easily fix this. I do 
know that their bandwidth provider has said that they do *tend* to have 

>  From your description, I'd say there was a lot more work to be done 
> first, unless they just don't have the people to do it right.

yup. think this is why I am going down the managed session road.


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