Google wants to be your Internet

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Tue Jan 23 17:25:24 UTC 2007

Virginia Power replaced our meter over the summer with a new one that
has wireless on it.  The meter reader just drives a truck past the
houses and grabs the data without him/her ever leaving the truck.  I
have no idea what protocol they're using, or if it's even remotely

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> > Why don't utilities strike deals with celluar providers to 
> push data back to
> > HQ over the cellular network at low utilization times (how 
> many people use
> > GPRS in the dead of night?).
> Especially in rural areas (where physically reading meters 
> sucks the most due
> to long inter-house distances), you have no guarantee of good 
> cellular coverage.
> The electric company *can* however assume they have copper 
> connectivity to
> the meter by definition....

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