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Mon Jan 22 17:38:33 UTC 2007

Jim Shankland wrote:
> "Travis H." <travis+ml-nanog at> writes:
>> IIRC, someone representing the electrical companies approached
>> someone representing network providers, possibly the IETF, to
>> ask about the feasibility of using IP to monitor the electrical
>> meters throughout the US....
>> The response was "yeah, well, maybe with IPv6".
> Which is nonsense.  More gently, it's only true if you not only
> want to use IP to monitor electrical meters, but want the use
> the (global) Internet to monitor electrical meters.

Ah, cool, an advocate of NAT. Or didn't you want to say that "one can
just make their own IPv4 address space and use that" ?

Remember that the machines checking the billing most likely has a global
address and RFC1918 ain't nice.

Barring getting address space, IPv4 and IPv6 will both do fine for it.

> I'd love to hear the business case for why my home electrical meter
> needs to be directly IP-addressable from an Internet cafe in Lagos.

1) You are on vacation and want to check if you actually turned on that
mini-nuke plant in your garden, so that you will retain some cash on
your credit card so that you can still come home.

2) You are still on vacation and want to check if your kids are not over
abusing electrical power instead of being 'green' for the environment.

3) You are already on the northpole, Lagos was boring after all, and you
want to check about that email you received from the electrical company,
to see where the power usage was actually so high.
You notice that the power plug in the garden is being used a lot, look
at the webcam there and notice that your neighbor is using your power.

Oh, only one case eh? :)

But I guess it is nonsense.


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