Network end users to pull down 2 gigabytes a day, continuously?

Petri Helenius pete at
Sun Jan 21 16:11:28 UTC 2007

Gian Constantine wrote:
> I agree with you. From a consumer standpoint, a trickle or off-peak 
> download model is the ideal low-impact solution to content delivery. 
> And absolutely, a 500GB drive would almost be overkill on space for 
> disposable content encoded in H.264. Excellent SD (480i) content can 
> be achieved at ~1200 to 1500kbps, resulting in about a 1GB file for a 
> 90 minute title. HD is almost out of the question for internet 
> download, given good 720p at ~5500kbps, resulting in a 30GB file for a 
> 90 minute title.
Kilobits, not bytes. So it's 3.7GB for 720p 90minutes at 5.5Mbps. 
Regularly transferred over the internet.
Popular content in the size category 2-4GB has tens of thousands and in 
some cases hundreds of thousands of downloads from a single tracker. 
Saying it's "out of question" does not make it go away. But denial is 
usually the first phase anyway.


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