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Sun Jan 21 02:51:08 UTC 2007

On Jan 20, 2007, at 6:14 PM, Mark Smith wrote:

> It doesn't seem that the P2P
> application developers are doing it, maybe because they don't care
> because it doesn't directly impact them, or maybe because they don't
> know how to. If squid could provide a traffic localising solution  
> which
> is just another traffic sink or source (e.g. a server) to an ISP,
> rather than something that requires enabling knobs on the network
> infrastructure for special handling or requires special traffic
> engineering for it to work, I'd think you'd get quite a bit of
> interest.

I think there's interest from the consumer level, already:

It's early days, but if this becomes the norm, then the end-users  
themselves will end up doing the caching.

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