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Sun Jan 21 02:50:13 UTC 2007

On Sun, Jan 21, 2007 at 12:10:11AM +0000, Charlie Allom wrote:
> > This is a pure example of a problem from the operational front which can
> > be floated to research and the industry, with smarter solutions than port
> > blocking and QoS.
> This is what I am interested/scared by.

I don't recall where I read it, perhaps Cringely, but I came across
a page the other day that said studying and improving QoS-like
technology was ultimately less beneficial than in studying and
improving bandwidth overall.  He used the "ambulance in traffic"
analogy and pointed out that QoS gets the ambulance there faster,
except in traffic so congested that nobody can get out of the way.
By contrast, wider roads mean everybody gets there faster.
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