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Sun Jan 21 01:46:48 UTC 2007

On Sat, 20 Jan 2007, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:


> ISPs probably don't have an interest in BT caching because of 1)
> cost of ownership, 2) legal concerns (if an ISP cached a publicly
> distributed copy of some pirated software, who's then responsible?),

They cache the web, which has the same chance of being illegal content.

> The result of these items already been shown: BT encryption.  I
> personally know of 3 individuals who have their client to use en-
> cryption only (disabling non-encrypted connection support).  For
> security?  Nope -- solely because their ISP uses a rate limiting
> device.

Yep. Users will find a way to maintain functionality.

> Bram Cohen's official statement is that using encryption to get
> around this "is silly" because "not many ISPs are implementing
> such devices" (maybe not *right now*, Bram, but in the next year
> or two, they likely will):

I don't know of many user ISPs which don't implement them, you kidding?:)


> So my question is this: how exactly do we (as administrators of
> systems or networks) get companies, managers, and even other
> administrators, to think differently about solving this?
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