Google wants to be your Internet

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Jan 20 19:55:17 UTC 2007

> The following comment has to be one of the most important comments in
> the entire article and its a bit disturbing.
> "Right now somewhat more than half of all Internet bandwidth is being
> used for BitTorrent traffic, which is mainly video. Yet if you
> surveyed your neighbors you'd find that few of them are BitTorrent
> users. Less than 5 percent of all Internet users are presently
> consuming more than 50 percent of all bandwidth."

the heavy hitters are long known.  get over it.

i won't bother to cite cho et al. and similar actual measurement
studies, as doing so seems not to cause people to read them, only to say
they already did or say how unlike japan north america is.  the
phenomonon is part protocol and part social.

the question to me is whether isps and end user borders (universities,
large enterprises, ...) will learn to embrace this as opposed to
fighting it; i.e. find a business model that embraces delivering what
the customer wants as opposed to winging and warring against it.

if we do, then the authors of the 2p2 protocols will feel safe in
improving their customers' experience by taking advantage of
localization and proximity, as opposed to focusing on subverting
perceived fierce opposition by isps and end user border fascists.  and
then, guess what; the traffic will distribute more reasonably and not
all sum up on the longer glass.



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