HTML email, was Re: Phishing and BGP Blackholing

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Jan 18 20:08:35 UTC 2007

> Back in the day, pre-CIRA, .CA was managed according to rules which  
> included the restriction that a single company was only allowed one  
> domain name. So, to choose a company at random, General Motors Canada  
> was welcome to GMC.CA but they couldn't also register PONTIAC.CA or  

for those of us who manage smaller cctlds pro bono, it is also good
for our sanity, especially when paired with the requirement that the
registrant be real and in-country.

it also encourages the isps in-country to take over the cctld, which
is good.  they can charge a bit for the service and multiple name
registrants become a good thing.

e.g. nigeria is finally running their own internally, though we are
not moving the visible primary and admin poc until it is past test
phase.  this is a long-awaited day.


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