Repeated packet loss on AT&T

Matthew Crocker matthew at
Tue Jan 16 19:31:06 UTC 2007

I have had similar issues with AT&T in NY.  They have peering issues  
with MCI killing random access to random websites, (,  I trouble shot it with AT&T a couple week ago and  
they killed a bad link.  It fixed my problem.  Last I knew the link  
was still down and they were looking to repair it this week.


On Jan 16, 2007, at 12:44 PM, Donald Stahl wrote:

> I have a cage at an AT&T hosting facility in NY.
> Every few weeks I end up with horrendous VPN problems to another  
> site I have on MCI's network in Maryland, as well as to a partners  
> site, in the same area, also on MCI.
> mtr -s 800 to either site shows 10% packet loss on the hop from:
> ->
> Both of these appear to be AT&T routers (I say appear to be because  
> I am relying on the netblock information from ARIN- reverse DNS for  
> routers seems to be uncool).
> Does anyone else run into this problem? Smaller pings show far  
> fewer (if any) issues and other traffic is passable- but it kills  
> my VPN's.
> -Don

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