Network end users to pull down 2 gigabytes a day, continuously?

Bora Akyol bora at
Mon Jan 15 20:00:25 UTC 2007


That's mostly because the DVR boxes given by the cable companies (mine
is a Moto from Comcast)
are terrible. The UI just plain is unusable esp for on-demand portion of
the DVR guide.

I have caught up with the thread this morning and I have to say, I don't
understand why people think of video distribution via the Internet as
"channels." The only reason why channels exist is due to the medium when
TV was started. I expect the next generation of video to be a lot like
GooTube or iTunes.

Most of it is pushed while you are sleeping and a few (<200) mcast
streams for live content like news, etc.

The question I asked earlier was, whether the last-mile SP networks can
handle 24x7 100% link utilization for all of their customers. I don't
think they can. And frankly, I don't know how they are going to get
revenue from the content distributors to upgrade the networks. Does
Apple reimburse Comcast (my SP) when I download a song? I don't think
so? What about a movie? Again, I don't think so.

You see where I am going with this.


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> > My experience is that when you show people VoD, they like it. 
> I have to admit the wow factor is there. But I already have 
> access to VoD 
> through my cable company and its set-top boxes. TV over IP brings my 
> family exactly zero additional benefits.

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