Network end users to pull down 2 gigabytes a day, continuously?

Michal Krsek michal at
Mon Jan 15 13:48:39 UTC 2007

>> I am pretty sure we are not becoming a VoD world. Linear programming 
>> is much better for advertisers. I do not think content providers, nor 
>> consumers, would prefer a VoD only service. A handful of consumers 
>> would love it, but many would not.
> There are already cheap and efficient ways of doing VoD-like services 
> with a PVR - I timeshift almost everything that I want to watch 
> because it's on at inconvenient times.  So shows get spooled to disk 
> whilst they're broadcasted efficiently, and I can watch them later.
> Any sort of Broadcast-Video-over-IP system that employed that 
> technology would be a winner.  You don't need to 'broadcast' the show 
> in real time either if it's going to be spooled to disk, even as it is 
> viewed.
This system works perfectly in our linear-line distribution (channels). 
As user you can choose time you want to see the show, but not the show 
itself. Capacity on PVR device is finite and if you don't want to waste 
the space with any broadcasted content you have to program the device. I 
have ten channels in my cable TV and sometimes I'm confused what to 
record. Beeing in the US and paid for ~100 channels will make me mad to 
crawl channel schedules :-)

So the technology is nice, but not a "What you want is what you get". So 
you cannot address the long tail using this technology.


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