Comment spammers chewing blogger bandwidth like crazy

Thomas Leavitt thomas at
Sat Jan 13 17:04:47 UTC 2007

A friend of mine operates a blog at, and he pays for 
traffic over a (fairly  minimal) cap. He posted this comment recently:

      Eating Bandwidth

Last month something ate up a tremendous amount of bandwidth at Seeing 
the Forest, costing me a lot of money. So now I regularly check 
bandwidth use.

Why has, HopOne in DC, been eating a HUGE amount of 
bandwidth? Gigabytes! What are they doing? (I banned them.)

Why has, an IP in India, been eating a tremendous amount 
of bandwidth? What are they doing?

Why has, an IP in Ukraine, been eating a tremendous 
amount of bandwidth? What are they doing?

Why has AND AND AND AND, all from the /same company/ in 
Amsterdam, been eating a TREMENDOUS amount of bandwidth? What are they 

Why is and and Abacus America Inc.eating a 
TREMENDOUS amount of my bandwidth,


One of the comments said:

Yeah, I've seen a huge bump in my blog's traffic, I haven't figured out 
what they're doing, but it ate like 4Gb of bandwidth last month. Now 
that you mention it, I checked last month's stats and yep, there's producing 62% of my blog traffic. I did a little checking 
around the web and they're an obvious spam host. Banned.


They also chew up a lot of CPU (comment filter code). At few times, 
myself, I've had to simply take code offline that was getting hit too 
heavily... seems like the IPs (and their ilk) listed above are good 
prospects for a "bad behavior" blacklist, at a level below that of 
"collaborative spam filter" (which doesn't prevent traffic or CPU cycles 
from being consumed). Given the volume of traffic mentioned, this must 
be a real problem for some hosts and networks... although, on the other 
hand, if their marginal use rates are high enough, they might actually 
be making money off this.

Thomas Leavitt

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