Network end users to pull down 2 gigabytes a day, continuously?

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Sat Jan 13 12:36:34 UTC 2007

On Sat, 13 Jan 2007, Marshall Eubanks wrote:

> A technical issue that I have to deal with is that you get a 30 minute 
> show (actually 24 minutes of content) as 30 minutes, _with the ads slots 
> included_. To show it without ads, you actually have to take the show 
> into a video editor and remove the ad slots, which costs video editor 
> time, which is expensive.

Well, in this case you'd hopefully get the show directly from whoever is 
producing it without ads in the first place, basically the same content 
you might see if you buy the show on DVD.

> In the USA at least, the cable companies make you pay for "bundles" to 
> get channels you want. I have to pay for 3 bundles to get 2 channels we 
> actually want to watch. (One of these bundle is apparently only sold if 
> you are already getting another, which we don't actually care about.) 
> So, it actually costs us $ 40 + / month to get the two channels we want 
> (plus a bunch we don't.) So, it occurs to me that there is a business 
> selling solo channels on the Internet, as is, with the ads, for order $ 
> 5 - $ 10 per subscriber per month, which should leave a substantial 
> profit after the payments to the networks and bandwidth costs.

There is zero problem for the cable companies to immediately compete with 
you by offering the same thing, as soon as there is competition. Since 
their channel is the most established, my guess is that you would have a 
hard time succeeding where they already have a footprint and established 

Where you could do well with your proposal, is where there is no cable TV 
available at all.

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