4 Byte AS tested

MAEMURA Akinori maem at maem.org
Thu Jan 11 22:04:17 UTC 2007

Hi Randy,

Yes.  We can never have the knowledge of *all* BGP speakers
in the world, then keeping a 4-byte ASN announced to let 
everyone observe it looks a good strategy to see what would
be happening. 

The test you did has already proven that the current Internet 
routing system has no serious problem with 4-byte ASN.
( Did it have any? )


In message <45A6B100.3080202 at psg.com>
   "Re: 4 Byte AS tested"
   "Randy Bush <randy at psg.com>" wrote:

| MAEMURA Akinori wrote:
| > Hi Geoff,
| > 
| > Do you have any plan for another trial longer and notified
| > so that everyone with various implementations of OLD SPEAKER
| > can observe this and check if they normally handle a 4-byte
| > ASN?
| the test is known to have gone through juniper, cisco, and procket
| routers.
| though, of course, we have no idea if there would be proof of
| termination testing all permutations of cisco hardware and images. :)
| randy

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