4 Byte AS tested

Antti Louko alo-nanog at louko.com
Thu Jan 11 13:31:39 UTC 2007

Arnold Nipper wrote:
> On 11.01.2007 10:14 Geoff Huston wrote

>> George Michaelson, Randy Bush and myself have successfully tested the
>> implementation of 4Byte AS BGP on a public Internet transit. ...

> Great news! Congratulations!

>> (Patched versions of openbgpd to include 4-byte AS support can be 
>> found at http://www.potaroo.net/tools/bgpd/)

> A Quagga patch is available from http://quagga.ncc.eurodata.de/

This is especially good news as there are two independent open source
BPG implementations supporting this!

My question:

How robust these BGP programs are? are they used and how widely in
production use? I am askint this because I may be asked to provide
alternatives to commercial routers in certain sites which should be
doable in BW sense, at least. Normal PC can handle several 1G ethernet
connections without a problem.

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