4 Byte AS tested

Geoff Huston cidr-report at potaroo.net
Thu Jan 11 10:29:07 UTC 2007

# bgpctl show rib
flags: * = Valid, > = Selected, I = via IBGP, A = Announced
origin: i = IGP, e = EGP, ? = Incomplete

flags destination         gateway          lpref   med aspath origin
*>         100     0 0.3130 0.1239 
0.4637 0.4637 0.4637 0.4637 0.4637 0.4637 0.1221 1.202 i

George Michaelson, Randy Bush and myself have successfully tested the 
implementation of 4Byte AS BGP on a public Internet transit. The 
above BGP RIB snapshot was taken at a 4Byte BGP speaker in North 
America, showing a transit path across AS 1221, AS 4637, AS 1239 and 
AS 3130 , with correct reconstruction of the originating AS at the 
other (4Byte AS) end.

The code base used was OpenBGPD, with 4 byte patches that I've added 
to the code in the past couple of weeks.

(Patched versions of openbgpd to include 4-byte AS support can be 
found at http://www.potaroo.net/tools/bgpd/)



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