Internet Video: The Next Wave of Massive Disruption to the US Peering Ecosystem (v1.2)

Brandon Butterworth brandon at
Wed Jan 10 12:02:16 UTC 2007

> Then that wouldn't be enough since the other Tier 1's would need to
> upgrade their peering infrastructure to handle the larger peering
> links (n*10G), having to argue to their CFO that they need to do it so
> that their competitors can support the massive BW customers.

Someone will take the business so that traffic is coming
regardless, they can either be that peer or be the source
with the cash. If they can't do either then they're not
in business, I hope they wouldn't ignore it congesting
their existing peers (I know...)

> Then even if the peers all upgraded the peering gear at the same time,
> the backbones would have to be upgraded as well to get that traffic
> out of the IXes and out to the eyeball networks.

The Internet doesn't scale, turn it off


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