Internet Video: The Next Wave of Massive Disruption to the US Peering Ecosystem (v1.2)

Aaron Glenn aaron.glenn at
Wed Jan 10 04:32:58 UTC 2007

On 1/9/07, Adam Rothschild <asr+nanog at> wrote:
> Here in the New York metro, you'd be hard pressed to find a vendor
> willing to turn away a 10G transit deal and the associated revenue.
> In the past few months, I've been approached by half a dozen or so
> major carriers eager to sell 10 gigabit ports, and with the capacity
> to deliver.  If your customers are, indeed, reporting a widespread
> difficulty obtaining 10 gigabit ports from the larger players, I can
> think of plenty of smaller ISPs and switch-based resellers who'd be
> happy to carry their traffic.

Sure they'd be happy too, but can they actually deliver it? It's one
thing to sell a 4Gbps commit on a 10GbE port...but 30Gbps across four
or five ports is another thing entirely...

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