Router and Infrastructure Hacking (CCC conference last week)

Mattias Ahnberg mattias at
Thu Jan 4 10:34:29 UTC 2007

Gadi Evron wrote:
> 4. I do wish the talk on how CCC set up their multiple-uplink GigE network
>    for the conference was filmed, I call this type of "create an ISP in 24
>    hours", in a very very hostile and busy environment such as at
>    defcon or CCC "extreme networking".

We do the same for Dreamhack [1] twice each year, very fascinating. Takes a little
bit more than 24h, but not THAT much. Usually drags attention from media & geeks
on how it all works.

We had 7800 connected nodes in the network last time we ran (december 2006)
and a total of ~10800 participants, filling a 10Gigabit connection onto the
Internet. 10Gigabit core, every 22 participants share a Gigabit uplink to
the core. We don't believe we're fully ready to let each visitor get a Gig
uplink to their computer yet, but in a year or so possibly. We'll see.

We've been given a /16 each time so each visitor has had a fully public IP,
and the bandwidth has been provided by Telia the last couple of years. On
the hardware side we've both built it all with Extreme Networks equipment
and Cisco (and a mix of both).

Interesting event, indeed. I recommend visiting us, Guinness book of World
Records did and signed us up. :P


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