Router and Infrastructure Hacking (CCC conference last week)

Gadi Evron ge at
Wed Jan 3 23:16:04 UTC 2007

Hi! Happy new year!

At CCC last week Raven Alder gave a talk on the subject (Router and
Infrastructure Hacking), which was pretty neat!

I figure some of you may enjoy this. I hope the video for her talk becomes
available soon.

2. There was also a lecture on sFlow, by Elisa Jasinska:
Presentation and paper:

3. Just for kicks, for those of you interested, here is Lawrence Lessig's
talk, which is not related to net-ops in any way:

4. I do wish the talk on how CCC set up their multiple-uplink GigE network
for the conference was filmed, I call this type of "create an ISP in 24
hours", in a very very hostile and busy environment such as at
defcon or CCC "extreme networking".

They got their own ASN for 4 days. Set up a hosting farm,
surfing, mass wireless, etc. for users, and what-not. Discovered a
wireless network vulnerability, a router DoS with NextHop memory issues,

Not to mention having to fight off DDoSs non stop, fake APs, thousands of
active and abusive users and BGP (I really liked their presentation on
RIPE's bgplay - very cool stuff - ).

3000 end points. 1.6 gigs up, 1.0 gigs down.

CCC itself was very good and a lot of fun, there are many other
presentations and videos available for download:


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