Phishing and BGP Blackholing

Mark Foster blakjak at
Wed Jan 3 04:44:28 UTC 2007

I have to ask.

The 'stock' disclaimer message says 'may'.

It also says 'If you are not the intended recipient...'

Key words - 'if' and 'may'.

Since the post is being made to NANOG, we can assume the NANOG Audience 
(defined as anyone whos on the list _or_ who can read the web archive; 
ala; everyone) is infact the intended recipient, and we can ignore the 
rest of it.

... so I fail to see why a big deal should be made out of it. Especially 
when they're generally enforced on large companies by their lawyers, and 
the Network Operators likely have very little to do with it.

So why the big deal?

(Personally I still vote for the use of non-corporate mail addresses on 
mailing lists. Tends to filter out the roge out-of-office notices too...)


On Tue, 2 Jan 2007, Randy Bush wrote:

> you have sent a message to me which seems to contain a legal
> warning on who can read it, or how it may be distributed, or
> whether it may be archived, etc.
> i do not accept such email.  my mail user agent detected a legal
> notice when i was opening your mail, and automatically deleted it.
> so do not expect further response.
> yes, i know your mail environment automatically added the legal
> notice.  well, my mail environment automatically detected it,
> deleted it, and sent this message to you.  so don't expect a lot
> of sympathy.
> and if you choose to work for some enterprise clueless enough to
> think that they can force this silliness on the world, use gmail,
> hotmail, ...
> randy

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