would you run this little script, please

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Jan 2 22:39:39 UTC 2007

> I am on a NetBSD machine.  What did you want from ifconfig?  I am
> guessing "ifconfig -a".

yep.  just trying to learn whence the trace originated.  this was
supposed to be fixed.  apologies.

also the ! in the mail test is reversed.  also was supposed to have been
fixed.  and heas had a good sendmail direct hack that got missed from
the review set.  <sigh>

and yes, there are problems on old bsds, some fedoras, ... with the -I
on the traceroute.  but, in tests, udp traceroute gave much worse
results despite icmp trace theoretically not working as vern points out
that rfc 792 (4th paragraph of intro) says

   The ICMP messages typically report errors in the processing of
   datagrams.  To avoid the infinite regress of messages about messages
   etc., no ICMP messages are sent about ICMP messages.

but, my deep apologies for not personally testing that the test folk's
corrections were made before sending.  grrrr


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