DreamHost Contact?

Leigh Porter leigh.porter at ukbroadband.com
Mon Dec 31 15:18:04 UTC 2007

Stasiniewicz, Adam wrote:
> In a previous job (circa mid 2004), I had attempted to get materials
removed from a DreamHost client (they where hosting it in violation of
my, at the time, employer's copyright).  The DreamHost abuse process was
completely useless, and we ended up having to take direct action against
the website operator to get the content removed.  During this process I
did some research into DreamHost and found some very interesting
articles.  Here is a more recently published one that highlights what I
am getting at
http://www.hyscience.com/archives/2007/05/us_based_terror.php (I should
note, the site is still up and still hosted by DreamHost). 
> I am 99.9% sure that after successfully hosting websites for Al-Qaeda
for over 3 years (on US based servers, by US citizens, living in the US)
they are not going to care much about some SSH port scan.

Isn't this what you folks call "freedom of speech" ?


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