IPv6 Addressing Plans

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Dec 27 18:23:08 UTC 2007

During all this discussion about v6 and home networks, has anyone had a
look at ARIN's IPv6 wiki, in particular at the IPv6 Addressing Plans

Although it still has the original note about being a bit of a strawman
proposal it has incorporated a lot of input from earlier discussions on
the NANOG list and the IETF list. Item 12 on that page applies directly
to home networks:

12. All customers get one /48 unless they can show that they need more
than 65k subnets. 
    -Host count is irrelevant. 
    -Do not assign from PoP aggregates 
    -Carry customer networks in iBGP 
    -Aggregate only in eBGP 
    -If you have lots of consumer customers you may want to assign /56s
to private residence sites. 

Aside from snarky remarks about the IETF, does anyone have anything
substantial to contribute that isn't already on that page? If you want
to you can use the "discussion" tab on the wiki to comment.

--Michael Dillon

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