v6 subnet size for DSL & leased line customers

Steven M. Bellovin smb at cs.columbia.edu
Fri Dec 21 18:26:29 UTC 2007

On Fri, 21 Dec 2007 08:48:35 -0600 (CST)
Joe Greco <jgreco at ns.sol.net> wrote:

> I keep coming to the conclusion that an end-user can be made to work
> on a /64, even though a /56 is probably a better choice.

A /56 is definitely better.  Of course, I used to have 4 LANs just in
my house (wired, wireless, VPN to employer, "teen-net" to which certain
users were consigned for violation of the house AUP...).  I suspect
there are others on this list with more than that, today.

Sure, we're power users.  We're also talking about technology that's
been around for a while.  If all of my lights were controlled over the
net, I'd probably want a separate subnet for that, for access control.
I might want a separate subnet for environmental controls, because
access problems there can result in physical damage.  I really need to
set up a VPN for remote access to the house.

To quote a line from a science fiction book I'm fond of, "no artificial

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