/56 for home sites, /48 for business sites & billing considerations (Was: European ISP enables IPv6 for all?)

Mohacsi Janos mohacsi at niif.hu
Fri Dec 21 08:46:59 UTC 2007

>> They aready do it. In Hungary, if you are home user you can have 1
>> single IPv4 address. If you are a business customer, then your can have
>> an address space allocated from your provider. You pay more if you need
>> bigger address block....
> That is IPv4 and seems to be the case in general for IPv4.
> That mentality needs to be stopped for IPv6.
> When an ISP is not going to provide /48's to endusers then RIPE NCC
> should revoke the IPv6 prefix they received as they are not following
> the reasons why they received the prefix for.

Agreed. But you have to explain old telco chaps who like charging for 
phone number blocks....


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