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>Is this becoming a more common or less common practice as we slide
>ourselves into the last week of 2007? The reason I am wondering is we have
>noticed some 'issues' recently where correct info in the RIR causes very
>inefficient and sometimes annoying interaction with some of the world's
>largest online applications (such as Google) lets say for example that a
>customer in India purchases dedicated server or Co-Location hosting at a
>HSP in the United States [very common]. So the RIR shows that the customer
>is in India, so when the customer interacts with any google applications
>google automatically directs this traffic to (or the India
>version of whichever app)....  

Welcome to my world. :-)

In pursuing investigations of criminal activity on the net, we
generally have to revert to good old fashioned elbow-grease (and
using your noodle) instead of automated geo-location tools for
exactly this reason -- they are more & more irrelevant for
determining the real location of an endpoint.


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