/48 for each and every endsite (Was: European ISP enables IPv6 for all?)

JAKO Andras jako.andras at eik.bme.hu
Wed Dec 19 22:44:15 UTC 2007

> But even in 2000 the policy was and still is:
>  /128 for really a single device
>  /64  if you know for sure that only one single subnet will
>       ever be allocated.
>  /48  for every other case (smart bet, should be used per default)

I believe this policy is changing. The new text is: "End Users are 
assigned an End Site assignment from their LIR or ISP. The size of the 
assignment is a local decision for the LIR or ISP to make, using a minimum 
value of a /64 (only one subnet is anticipated for the End Site)."

RIPE Policy Proposal 2005-08 was accepted in November.


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