/48 for each and every endsite (Was: European ISP enables IPv6 for all?)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Wed Dec 19 20:15:47 UTC 2007

Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
> The world tends to change in 7 years. You seem to like bashing people
> for not knowing future policy and changes 7 year ahead of time, which I
> think it quite sad.

Not intended that way. What I was really surprised, and critical, of
though is you mentioning that you say "So, out of our /32, if we assign
each customer a /48 we can only support 65k customers. So in order to
support millions of customers, we need a new allocation", which I read
as "We got a /32 recently, but never thought that we should give /48's
to endsites". Changes the interpretation quite a bit.

But even in 2000 the policy was and still is:
 /128 for really a single device
 /64  if you know for sure that only one single subnet will
      ever be allocated.
 /48  for every other case (smart bet, should be used per default)

As such, if you have near 60k customers then you should already have
realized that you needed more than a /32, especially as you can then
also guess that in a couple of years it will be quite a bit more. For
the longer term, I guess 7 years might fall into that by now, thus if
you got a /32 in 2000 and you had 10k customers then you should be fine.
If you already had 200k customers or so and then only requested a /32
though I think one can definitely state you made a big booboo.

Andy Davidson wrote:
> With respect, Jeroen, because I did *PLAN* (your emphasis) our
> organisational requirements, this is precisely the reason why I think
> it's significant that a lot of space was left unallocated following my
> allocation.

Correct, that is a good thing.

> My RIR only asked me to *PLAN* two years in advance (see ripe-414
> [footnote 0]), though prudent organisations may plan for longer.  I
> thought it was significant (and good) to note that they are allow me
> room to grow sometime after that period.

Nothing wrong there indeed and you should indeed at least plan for two
years and probably more, when adding HD ratio and some prospects one
should easily come up with a pretty good ballpark figure of clients that
you will be having. Unless you will suddenly in a year grow by 60k
clients (might happen) or really insanely with other large amounts your
initial planning should hold up for quite some while

> If you offer the sweeping statement that anyone who ever needs to go
> back to the RIR for more space has made a 'mistake' with their
> requirement planning shows you're only thinking in an incredibly short
> term manner.  Unless, of course, you are only used to working in
> companies which do not grow. :-)

As mentioned above, not the way I intended it to mean.


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