/48 for each and every endsite (Was: European ISP enables IPv6 for all?)

Andy Davidson andy at nosignal.org
Wed Dec 19 12:58:07 UTC 2007

On 19 Dec 2007, at 12:24, Jeroen Massar wrote:

> Andy Davidson wrote:
> [..]
>> From the RIPE perspective, there are seven "empty" /32s between  
>> my /32 and the next allocation.
>> I imagine this is fully intentional, and allows the NCC to grow my  
>> v6 address pool, without growing my footprint in the v6 routing  
>> table.
> That is exactly what it is for. Then again, if you actually had  
> *PLANNED* your address space like you are supposed to when you make  
> a request you could have already calculated how much address space  
> you really needed and then justify it to the $RIR. In case you have  
> to go back to ask the $RIR for more you already made a mistake  
> while doing the initial request...

With respect, Jeroen, because I did *PLAN* (your emphasis) our  
organisational requirements, this is precisely the reason why I think  
it's significant that a lot of space was left unallocated following  
my allocation.

My RIR only asked me to *PLAN* two years in advance (see ripe-414  
[footnote 0]), though prudent organisations may plan for longer.  I  
thought it was significant (and good) to note that they are allow me  
room to grow sometime after that period.

If you offer the sweeping statement that anyone who ever needs to go  
back to the RIR for more space has made a 'mistake' with their  
requirement planning shows you're only thinking in an incredibly  
short term manner.  Unless, of course, you are only used to working  
in companies which do not grow. :-)


% When will you use this address space?
%       Subnet       Within     Within   Within
%       size (/nn)   3 months   1 year   2 years   Purpose


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