European ISP enables IPv6 for all?

Donald Stahl don at
Tue Dec 18 13:56:25 UTC 2007

>>> doesn't more address space just give us more routes to handle?
>> No. It only makes more possible prefixes. Migrating to IPv6 while keeping
>> the current (IPv4) routing and current business relations, there would be
>> somewhat less routes:
>> bigger address space -> bigger chunks -> less need to incrementally add
>> prefixes to the same place -> less prefixes
> You mean "more address space" -> "individual businesses want to multihome
> and are willing to pay for their own space" -> more prefixes.
Every business that wants to multihome and can afford it already does. v6 
isn't going to change that. v6 will allow more aggregation and a routing 
table closer in size to the number of AS's, which is a significant 
reduction. It should also reduce the problem of route churn and 
non-convergence. Whether everyone will play nicely and make it work is a 
different story.


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