European ISP enables IPv6 for all?

Alain Durand alain_durand at
Tue Dec 18 00:15:45 UTC 2007

Apparently, from what I have gathered from other french people, Free has
rolled out a variation of 6to4 using their own prefix instead of the well
known 2002::/16. As they control their home gateway, this was fairly easy
for them to do and did not require much core infrastructure change. The
apparent benefit is that they control the routing of the return packets and
thus do not need to worry about packets going through Palo Alto, Switzerland
or Korea (well known 6to4 relays) on their way back from the 'native' IPv6

   - Alain.

On 12/17/07 1:01 PM, "Sean Siler" <Sean.Siler at> wrote:

> In a recent Slashdot article
> ( discussing IPv6, someone
> left a comment the read, in part "One of the largest IPSs (sic) in Europe
> turned on IPv6 to all 8 million users this week. They've done the right thing
> and made it opt-in for now, their customers have to go to their control panel
> web page and turn it on, but almost 50,000 people did in the first 24 hours."
> Does anyone know which ISP the poster is talking about? Is there any truth to
> this at all?
> Any feedback appreciated.
> Sean Siler
> IPv6 Program Manager
> Microsoft

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