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Deepak Jain deepak at
Mon Dec 10 18:17:11 UTC 2007

Joe Abley wrote:
> On 8-Dec-2007, at 00:18, sana sohail wrote:
>> I am looking for a typical percentage of external(inter-domain) routes
>> versus typical percentage of internal (intra-domain) routes in a core
>> router with couple of hundred thousand entries in the routing table.
>> Can anyone please help me in this?
> I think first you have to decide what a typical AS looks like. The 
> question, as it stands, is too general for any answer to be (in)defensible.

I feel like the days where we could joke on NANOG and say unhelpful 
things like, "Well, I start the bidding at 1%" and someone immediately 
follows on with an equally ridiculous "100%" and everyone agrees with 
50% are behind us... alas.

Assuming you are talking about service providers and not their 
enterprise customers, you can probably get a fairly decent number by 
looking at routing announcements for whatever you'd call a typical 
network. Say...

AS (vendor L) routes / total routes or AS (vendor V) / total routes.

Since you are just looking for a percentage, and at that rate, I'm 
guessing 1 significant figure is sufficient, the number you pick for 
total routes > 230,000 will only shift your results slightly. As far as 
the numerator goes, depending on (de)aggregation, the number up top will 
probably fall in "bands" based on which networks you pick.

Enterprises definitely fall in bands first ordered by level of clue, and 
then by institution size within that "clue band".

P.S. I think that might be the first reference to "clue band", but I 
could be without a clue. ;)


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