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> > I am in search of a good book about Network Architecture and Design,
> > with emphasis in Quality of Service and convergent networks, to be used
> > as a reference. Could you please indcate your favorites?
> Some might say those two mutually exclusive sets, but here are some
> of my favorite general reference networking books good for most any
> netop's library (in no particular order):
>   An Engineering Approach to Computer Networks
>   S. Keshav
>   TCP/IP Illustrated: Volume I
>   W. Richard Steves
>   Internet Core Protocols
>   Eric A. Hall
>   Interconnections: 2nd Edition
>   Radia Perlman
>   Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
>   Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie
> If you want something specific to vendor hardware and configurations
> I'm sure others will be happy to suggest their favorites, personally
> I don't generally find those sorts of texts as useful so I can't
> really speak to any of the multitude available.
> John

I can recommend all of these except Peterson/Davie which I have not
read, but Richard (Rick) Steves writes travel books. TCP/IP Illustrated:
Vol. 1 was written by the late W. Richard Stevens. (Actually, this was
probably a typo and not confusion.)
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