An informal survey... round II

michael.dillon at michael.dillon at
Fri Aug 31 01:46:39 UTC 2007

> > If there is any company whose IPv6 plans we should be 
> interested in, 
> > it is Verizon.
> AKA UUNET? They've been doing IPv6 for _years_. I got my 
> first IPv6 tunnel from UUNET Netherlands way back when.

But when will all of Verizon, not just the UUNET parts, offer IPv6
transit and peering on roughly the same terms as IPv4 transit/peering?
Tunnel brokers don't count. UUNET's AS701 was the best connected AS on
the Internet according to various analyses. Verizon now has more than
just UUNET in its portfolio so they are even more core to the IPv4
Internet than UUNET was. When Verizon offers native IPv6 access
basically everywhere, this will have a major, major impact on the size
and reach of the IPv6 Internet. It will also have a knock-on effect as
Verizon peers (and pseudo peers who buy transit) connect their IPv6
networks to the IPv6 Internet. End user customers (businesses) will sit
up and take notice of the IPv6 Internet. I also expect that people who
report latency and hop-count analyses will also have some positive
things to say about the IPv6 Internet after this happens.

Let's not forget that we all depend on each other in this business, and
although we collectively operate a very good IPv4 Internet, the IPv6
Internet is still just taking baby steps. We need a short period of
exponential growth in the IPv6 Internet to make it ready for prime time.

--Michael Dillon

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