An informal survey... round II

michael.dillon at michael.dillon at
Fri Aug 31 01:33:28 UTC 2007

> > Considering
> > Verizon's highly-connected position at the core of the IPv4 
> Internet, 
> > I would think that all it takes to cause a snowball effect, is for 
> > Verizon to start offering IPv6 transit and peering on the 
> same terms 
> > as IPv4. If there is any company whose IPv6 plans we should be 
> > interested in, it is Verizon.

> I believe that your sales peoples should know how to make 
> this happen for you, if not please ping the Customer Service 
> folk who would also be able to make some progress on this 
> issue for you.

Issue? It was more of an observation than an issue. Based on the CAIDA
Internet connectdness maps which show AS701 as the most connected AS in
the core of the Internet, combined with other Verizon networks, it seems
to me that Verizon's progress is the most interesting to watch. When
Verizon has full availability of IPv6 access (all ASes, all PoPs) then I
see that as a tipping point.

--Michael Dillon

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