An informal survey... round II

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Thu Aug 30 16:35:12 UTC 2007

> > People keep saying that there is no business case for IPv6 when the 
> > answer is staring them in the face. Growing revenue is the absolute 
> > fundamental core of any business case, and in telecom 
> companies that 
> > is generally directly tied into growing the network.
> Can you point me to BT's IPv6 deployment plans?  (A serious 
> request.   
> If you need an NDA, I'm happy to sign one)

We have been doing IPv6 for many years now, running an IPv6 exchange and
a tunnel broker and various other things. Some info is on our public
website here especially in the
presentations section. And the presenters tend to include an email
address on their slides so you don't need to bother going through me.
But then I don't know what info you are interested in. If you still need
something, email me offlist and I'll see what I can do.

In addition to our old, old sub-TLA allocation and our exchange
allocation, just yesterday we picked up another big IPv6 prefix from
RIPE which will end up being used for commercial services in future. As
you can guess, we are in process of shifting from test mode to

When we counted up the days left until IPv4 exhaustion, we saw an
ominous number so we've posted our IPv4 doomsday clock at  I notice that the people at have adopted it for their homepage too.

Even though there is not a lot of publicity surrounding it, I believe
that there are very few IP transit network operators who haven't got
solid IPv6 deployment plans being trialed right now. Considering
Verizon's highly-connected position at the core of the IPv4 Internet, I
would think that all it takes to cause a snowball effect, is for Verizon
to start offering IPv6 transit and peering on the same terms as IPv4. If
there is any company whose IPv6 plans we should be interested in, it is

--Michael Dillon

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