An informal survey... round II

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Thu Aug 30 13:26:12 UTC 2007

On Thu, 30 Aug 2007, William Herrin wrote:

> Why should we announce tiny recycled blocks? If there is a /16 in the
> swamp in which half the space is free but its all /24's, why wouldn't
> wouldn't we allocate all the free /24's to a single entity and
> instruct the entity to announce it as a "holey" /16? The existing /24
> holders will override (punch holes in) the /16 for their /24's.

Except when there are /24-holder outages, at which point their traffic 
gets hijacked by the /16 announcer.  Would you want to trust some random 
company to not take advantage of that situation in any way (collection of 
passwords, sampling your web traffic, putting up a fake "your org" web 
site, etc.)?  As a holey /16 announcer, would you want all the junk 
traffic that results from /24-holder outages?  What if one of them was 
running NS's for a popular DNSBL, and their outage basically caused a DDoS 
attack against your network?

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