"2M today, 10M with no change in technology"? An informal survey.

John A. Kilpatrick john at hypergeek.net
Tue Aug 28 05:16:18 UTC 2007

On 8/27/07 9:39 PM, "Donald Stahl" <don at calis.blacksun.org> wrote:

> Thankfully I don't need to take a full table on these routers and their
> forwarding speed among the few ports I have is more important than the FIB
> size. That said- if I did need the full table I would be royally ticked
> off at Cisco right now.
Well the way I'm putting it to my Cisco rep is "Why should I invest in 3BXLs
instead of another vendor's solution?"  I'm saying this repeatedly.  Maybe
they'll get the hint.

I won't throw away the 7604s...I could totally redeploy them in my corporate
infrastructure.  At this point they really are Cat 6500s.  I don't mind if
they make a 7600-only train as long as the 7600s can still run 6500 code
then at least it makes them useful.  Just not as edge routers.  I bet
Juniper is lulzing this hardcore.

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