"2M today, 10M with no change in technology"? An informal survey.

Donald Stahl don at calis.blacksun.org
Tue Aug 28 04:39:43 UTC 2007

>> 1.	Cisco is still selling the 7600 with the Sup32 bundle (which is what 
>> we bought) and saying you can take a full route table on it.  I could 
>> already do MPLS and IPv6 on this box.  This is pretty new hardware.
> Where are they saying that?  The Sup32 sounded great until it became clear 
> that it came with PFC3B (not 3BXL), and that there was no upgrade path to 
> 3BXL.  If it was/is being sold as a BGP routing solution, it was awfully 
> short sighted.
Their reps do it all the time. I worked with my rep to buy a couple of new 
routers. I specifically said I would be taking a full routing table on 
these boxes- Cisco's rep said the Sup-32 would be fine for my needs. Now I 
definitely didn't do as much checking as I should have but I was busy and 
that's why you have rep's in the first place. (I kept thinking the Sup32 
was based on the 3BXL- I have no idea why).

Thankfully I don't need to take a full table on these routers and their 
forwarding speed among the few ports I have is more important than the FIB 
size. That said- if I did need the full table I would be royally ticked 
off at Cisco right now.

>> If I end up upgrading because of this it will probably be a forklift 
>> upgrade to another platform.  And there's no guarantee that it would be a 
>> Cisco one.
> I guess cisco wants to play chicken with us and Juniper.  Will you really do 
> the forklift, or just bite the bullet and go Sup720-3BXL?  I think they're 
> better on the latter and counting on a bunch of hardware sales in the coming 
> months.
Given how many people are tired of being screwed over by Cisco I wouldn't 
make that bet if I were Cisco.


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