"2M today, 10M with no change in technology"? An informal survey.

John A. Kilpatrick john at hypergeek.net
Tue Aug 28 01:24:20 UTC 2007

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Jon Lewis wrote:

> Of course there are other reasons to upgrade (better CPU, MPLS, IPv6, etc.),

Now if this was a dust old MSFC2 that was like 5 years old I'd say ok. 
The problem is twofold:

1.	Cisco is still selling the 7600 with the Sup32 bundle (which is 
what we bought) and saying you can take a full route table on it.  I could 
already do MPLS and IPv6 on this box.  This is pretty new hardware.

2.	The only thing I could buy is the top of the line Sup720 3BXL. 
Ok, fine, but I don't need mega-super-d00per backplane speed. I just need 
more TCAM like Christoper Walken needs more cowbell.  Cisco needs to have 
a reasonable solution to this problem - especially if they want to keep 
selling the 7600 as a router.

If I end up upgrading because of this it will probably be a forklift 
upgrade to another platform.  And there's no guarantee that it would be a 
Cisco one.

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