"2M today, 10M with no change in technology"? An informal survey.

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Mon Aug 27 14:57:25 UTC 2007

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Eric Gauthier wrote:

>> Do we have a real date for when this occurs? If you aren't doing uRPF, I
>> thought they ran up to 256,000 routes. (I may not recall correctly)
> We ran into this hiccup a few months ago on a Sup720-3B (well, a 3BXL which
> mistakenly had a 3B card in the chassis, causing the SUP to clock down and
> act like a 3B), but I think the Sup2's are in a similar situtation.  Though
> the box can handle up to 224k routes, they are set by default to only handle
> 192k IPv4 + MPLS routes plus 32k IPv6 + IP multicast routes.  You can retune
> this so that you can get up to 224k IPv4 routes, but I've recently seen our
> Internet table bumping against this.  My understanding is that this is a
> hardware limit, so upgrading is your only option.

The sup2 can actually handle a bit more ipv4 routes than the 
Sup720(non-3bxl).  I don't know if it can go all the way to 256k routes. 
I can't seem to find any cisco data sheets that specify max ipv4 routes on 
the sup2.  The output from show mls cef hardware suggests 256k is the 

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