Community input/questions for ISOI 3?

Gadi Evron ge at
Sun Aug 26 03:38:16 UTC 2007

Hi, like last time, we are looking for community input and questions for 
the Internet security operations community, to be discussed during ISOI 3.

ISOI is happening this Monday and Tuesday, we will likely compile the 
responses in a few weeks.

We will reply to people personally on issues which bother them, and 
compile a short text with answers to the community itself here on NANOG.

We tried to do this last time around, and encountered a problem with 
classifying which material the presenters allow for public consumtion, 
and which is to remain private due to obvious concerns.

This time around we ask them ahead of time.

The current topics being discussed at ISOI 3 can be located on the 

We may be off though, so feel free to ask on any issue which you find to 
be operational.

Thanks, we appreciate the community's participation.


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