"2M today, 10M with no change in technology"? An informal survey.

William Herrin herrin-nanog at dirtside.com
Sun Aug 26 00:44:45 UTC 2007

On 8/25/07, David Conrad <david.conrad at icann.org> wrote:
> In another mailing list, someone has asserted that "noone believes
> router vendors who say [they can support 2M routes today and 10M with
> no change in technology]".

> Do you believe router vendors who state they today have "capacities
> on the order of 2 million ipv4 routes and they have no reason to
> expect that they couldn't deliver 10 million route FIB products in a
> few years given sufficient demand."?


NNTP is similar to BGP in that every message must spread to every
node. Usenet scaled up beyond what anyone thought it could. Sort of.
Its not exactly fast and enough messages are lost that someone had to
go invent "par2".

> - where do you believe existing routing technology will fall down?

I guess you could say that I think BGP has an NNTP future. It never
quite breaks completely, it just gets worse and worse at doing its

> - what steps will you take/are you taking to limit your vulnerability?

As a multihomed endpoint network, I can sacrifice some reliability by
introducing a default route and filtering longer prefixes if I really
have to. I hope the folks upstream have a better answer.

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