Network Operations Guide

Bill Nash billn at
Fri Aug 24 19:04:39 UTC 2007

On Fri, 24 Aug 2007, Bill Nash wrote:
> I built a perl daemon using Net::BGP and DBI that inserted and removed 
> routes, on update, into an SQL db. I could then query to my hearts 
> content, beating up a db with full routes with all the efficiency of SQL. 
> It's simple as hell and works great.

Just to answer a bunch of off-list mails en masse, no, I do not have a 
copy of this code for distribution. I wrote it originally for an 
ex-employer, so I don't have a copy. I plan on rebuilding it, it's fairly 
simple, so if you have use cases for a tool like this, shoot me an email 
off list with your thoughts. Time permitting, I'll rebuild and post. I 
need it for some of my own purposes anyway, might as well make it suck 

- billn

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