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Paul Vixie vixie at
Fri Aug 24 02:29:43 UTC 2007

derek at (Derek) writes:

> > Does anyone use spamhaus drop list ?
> >
> My experience is not specific to the DROP list but regarding the RBL/Zen 
> service I have found the 'moderators' of the lists can abuse their power 
> and unable to provide any proof to their entries.

having once upon a time maintained such a list, and having been accused by
a lot of people, sometimes in court papers, of abusing my "powers", i agree
that proof ought to be available.  spamhaus does a fine job at this, from my
experience thus far.  the thing i like about SH-DROP is that it includes all
of the russian business network, and it's very short, and changes very slowly.

> I think it works well, I don't operate a large scale mail service and
> have not had too many complaints.  But when your on the wrong side of the
> fence it is very annoying, if one of the moderators has a beef with your
> provider - look out!

Paul Vixie

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