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Jared Mauch jared at
Thu Aug 23 20:32:18 UTC 2007

On Fri, Aug 24, 2007 at 06:14:27AM +1000, Philip Smith wrote:
> Adam Clark said the following on 24/8/07 04:02:
> > I've noticed that is a little out of date, 
> > and I was wondering if anyone knows whether any ISPs currnetly have issues 
> > with /24 BGP advertisements for blocks outside of the traditional Class C 
> > space?
> My regular analysis report shows 120790 /24s in the BGP table today. So
> I'd suspect that there are few problems with /24 advertisements; but
> that's just my BGP view, could be different elsewhere.

	I've got an interesting view/project that i've been working on that
is related to announcements ... ;)  you need to watch what you announce
even if it's transient, you may end up on my webpage..

	i've only got about a day or two of data, but if you check
out my page here:

	You'll see recent routing leaks as well as be able to search them.
It's still in "alpha" mode, but you may find this interesting to search
on your as-path to find out who may be leaking your routes.  Some
folks have complained that I don't currently exempt a couple of the RIPE
RIS beacon prefixes, so if you see those, it may not be an issue.

	btw, many thanks to those networks who have already cleaned up
or responded to questions about your policy in the pre-alpha stage of
this project.

	- Jared

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